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Ms. Goodness Madu

BSc, MSc

Medical Student

What inspired you to work with Equity in Medicine?

I have always been passionate about breaking societal barriers that prevent individuals from attaining the same heights as their counterparts. From organizing free music lessons for children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to advocating for students underrepresented in Science, Research & Medicine, I am actively involved in EDI work at my university.

Though we have made some progress so far as a community, systems of oppression and inequities still exist in Medicine today. I am happy to be part of a team of medical professionals that are raising awareness & making a call for action to inspire change.

Name a physician leader who inspires you and why?

I will name three: Dr. Mojola Omole, Dr. Onye Nnorom, & Dr. Aisha Lofters, for their work in advocating for women and the Black community.

What is your hope for physicians with respect to EDI in the future?

I hope that we are able to discuss and address some of the EDI issues that physicians and other health care professionals currently fact in the healthcare field, such that up and coming physicians (my generations and ones to follow) will be able to learn from it and do better.

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