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Dr. Michael Martyna
MD, LEAD Scholar

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry

What inspired you to work with Equity in Medicine?

The structure and culture of medicine has an overwhelming and ethereal presence in the day to day lives of physicians and patients. Job satisfaction, feeling safe and accepted in the profession, patient outcomes, quality of care are all impacted by the culture in which we work. I am inspired to work with Equity in Medicine because of the work the group has been doing to make real and significant change in EDI and to impact the culture of our profession. 

Name a physician leader who inspires you and why?

My path to the world of EDI in medicine has been led by Dr. Kim Kelly. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Dr. Kelly during my residency training. Her dedication to the principles of EDI is what first brought EDI into my consciousness and inspired my learning and exploration of EDI in medicine. I have witnessed her uphold and promote EDI in the most challenging of situations and at high personal cost, which is an inspiring example of leadership.  

What is your hope for physicians with respect to EDI in the future?

I hope that EDI and EDI principles become commonplace and mainstream in all facets of medicine and healthcare. A system that incorporates EDI as a core philosophy is a system that is welcoming and effective. 

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