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What inspired you to work with Equity in Medicine?

I am inspired by Equity in Medicine's commitment to EDI education & advocacy. I was motivated to action after almost losing my career because of harassment and discrimination in medicine.

Being part of this group provides an oppportunity to help change the culture of medicine. It is an honour to work with this amazing group of physicians who are passionate about EDI in healthcare.

Dr. Paula Cashin


Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

First Indigenous Radiologist & Nuclear Medicine Physician in Canada

Board of Directors, Canadian Medical Association


Name a physician leader who inspires you and why?

Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Canadian Medical Association president-elect: I am inspired by his willingness to lead during this challenging time and his unwillingness to accept the status quo.

What is your hope for physicians with respect to EDI in the future?

In the future, I hope physicians won't have to be courageous or risk their careers and reputations to speak out about inequity in healthcare organizations. This will require the creation of a safe environment for physicians to report discrimination. Specifically, Canadian physicians need a national dispute resolution process to protect their careers and reputations from the retaliation that occurs at the local level when EDI concerns are raised.

I hope there is a recognition that maintaining the status quo in physician leadership is unacceptable. The exclusion of physicians with diverse perspectives and experiences from senior physician leadership roles is toxic to the culture of medicine and it negatively impacts patient safety.

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