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Jon Hilner - Headshot.jpg

Dr. Jon Hilner
Family Medicine


What inspired you to work with Equity in Medicine?

I was born in South Africa and grew up surrounded by friends from different cultural backgrounds while living in a country with a political environment that was emerging from the intolerance and segregation of Apartheid. I am thankful for the freedoms that Canada has granted me as a settler and first-generation immigrant.  I am proud to call Alberta home, and want the best for our province and its people. As physicians I feel that we have a unique opportunity to make our small part of the world more inclusive for our patients, their families, our communities, and for our colleagues.

What is your hope for physicians with respect to EDI in the future?

That we realise that we are all in this together, and that by adding voices to the conversation we can incorporate new ideas and new contexts of experience to enhance the way we look after patients and each other.

Name a physician leader who inspires you and why?

My friend and deservedly retired colleague Dr. Jim Bell set a high bar for what a family doctor could be, and inspired me to pursue a future in family medicine. He has shared his expertise as a dedicated teacher and mentor, cherished and caring doctor, hospital ethics lead, primary care network developer and rugby enthusiast. Through all of these roles he is kind, empathetic and compassionate (yes, even in contact sports). Jim brightens the lives of those fortunate enough to get to know him.

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