Dr. Hiba Al-Bayati


CARMs 2022 Candidate

What inspired you to work with Equity in Medicine?

My main inspiration in working with EDI Canadian leaders comes from their mission and goal in advocating for health equality and promotion of diversity and inclusion in medicine. My main goal is to immerse myself in real-world activities of healthcare advocacy, promote health equity and create a safe space for physicians to discuss equity in medicine. I believe that our diverse population and large landmass means we must work together to improve health equity in Canada.

Name a physician leader who inspires you and why?

Dr. Jillian Horton: She is an extraordinary physician, writer, and educator who has long championed the belief that compassion in medical education leads to more compassionate physicians. Her advocacy in addressing physicians suffering from burnout is inspiring.

What is your hope for physicians with respect to EDI in the future?

  • Advocate for changes to improve the social and mental health of physicians.

  • Advocacy on behalf of individual physicians

  • Adopting equitable practice design

  • Providing practical support to physicians to access the federal and provincial/territorial programs